Tuesday, March 10, 2009

random bits.

lately, M and i have had some bizarre phone conversations and she's sent me some random emails. thought i'd share..

a couple of weeks ago M called me. here's how it went.

M: hey, hi. i just wanted to tell you it's raining so hard outside!
me: looking out one of the many windows at their house. yeah.. i noticed that.... not really sure how i'm supposed to respond to this.
M: yeah.. so i was just going to say, if you didn't want to go out today, don't feel obligated.
me: well, we've already been out but thanks for the update...? i didn't know i needed the ok to have an inside day.
M: oh, no problem! i'll talk to you after a bit.

another day i used the very last diaper. eek! scary time. anyhoo, i called M to let her know, so she could pick some up on her way home. 

M: hi. is everything ok? i rarely ever call her, she always calls me, so when i do, she assumes the worst and that i'm calling with bad news.
me: hi. everything is fine. i'm just calling to let you know i used the last diaper.
M: ok... and...?
me: and, um, maybe you want to stop and pick some up on your way home so that the little man can have some freshies?
M: oh, ok. sure. see you later.
two minutes later my phone rings and it was her.
M: hi. i just wanted to make sure i heard you right. you called and asked me to pick up diapers?
me: yes. diapers. for little c. 
M: (laughing) oh geeze. i couldn't figure it out. ok, i'll see you later.
seriously? was i speaking in french? 

today we were at a play group and i had a missed call and voicemail from M. here's what her message said.
"hey, it's me. i just wanted to see how things are going. and i also wanted to tell you that i sent you an interesting email. ok, i'll talk to you later. bye."
so, we get home and i check my email... she sent me an email letting me know that they will soon be switching brands of toilet paper. that they will no longer be buying the non-recycled paper kind. her exact words...
"it pains me to say this, but from now on, we are going to ditch the ultra-soft butt wipe for us adults. it's been my favorite indulgence." 
i'm still not sure why this needed to be a) emailed to me and b) even be mentioned to me at all...

another email from her from a couple weeks ago. 
subject: no more cell phone use.
"hi! i've been using my cell phone (turned off, of course) for little c when i need him to be a bit more quiet. but he knows how to turn it back on now. can we all agree to let him cry if needed, try to distract if possible, but no more cell phone use. thanks!"

RANDOM. oh, my lovely job :)