Thursday, February 5, 2009

grandma=the devil in disguise..?

as previously stated, M cannot stand C's mom, P. you can sense her dislike from a mile away. when she talks about P, you can see she's burning up inside. 

today P called me and asked if she could come hang out with us and have some time with the babe. i personally have no issues with her. she's nice enough, and has nothing but love for the little man. i told her we were going to the library and asked her to join us. 

little C was really excited to see her when she arrived. it was very cute. he doesn't get much grandma time because M rarely allows her to come over.

at one point during play group, the little man was being really cute so i snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to M. in the picture, he was sitting on grandma's lap but you couldn't see her face. 

M called me a little while later and here's how our conversation went.
M--i just got your picture. who's the big kid whose lap he's sitting on?
me--oh, that was P. she met us at the library for some hanging out.
M--she WHAT?!
me--yeah, C called her this morning and suggested she hang out with us today. she called me shortly after and we arranged it. it was really nice.
M--ok, so she met you guys there? without C being there? just you two? 
me--yes.... i can sense the tension in her voice and she's talking hushed, she's clearly in her cubicle and trying to keep her cool.
M--oh, great. so how many times has this happened without me knowing?!
me--um.. what? this lady is nuts. completely insane.
M--does she regularly meet you there and you just fail to mention it?
me--laughing and trying REALLY hard to not. no, M. i'm pretty sure i'd mention that.
M--i'll talk to you later. click.

i put the phone down and was basically in shock. SHE WAS TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!

all afternoon i was anxiously awaiting her arrival home. i knew she was either going to freak out and try to enforce some rule along the lines of  "you need to let me know prior to hanging out with her" or she was just going to be really passive about it.

she got home and sat down and instantly asked me to fill her in on all the details about our time with P. i told her we went out to lunch with her afterwards and you could tell she was fuming inside. she wanted to know where we went, what the little man ate, etc. 

she then said, "did P feed him?" i told her no, that he fed himself. she said.. "oh good! cause grandma's nails are disgusting, huh little C?"

part of me was really hoping she'd try to enforce some dumb rule because i really wanted to tell her she's f'ing nuts and needs therapy. oops. 

another little blurb...

M only wants little C to call them mama and papa. only that. not daddy, mommy, mom, whatever. just mama and papa. she's told me numerous times that during time with P, P will refer to them as mommy and daddy. she gets really mad about this and thinks that P is trying to ruin her life. literally. she sees it as a huge disrespect and will tell me about it each time it happens. 

today at the library, P was talking about how little C looks so much like his daddy. then she said, "oh, i mean your PAPA. i wouldn't want your MOMMY getting mad at me for using the wrong term." i about peed my pants laughing! she knows how ridiculous it is. 

honestly, it's something so small and trivial, why get worked up over it?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


i know what they say, repetition is key. makes you really remember a point. or ten. 

but at my job, that i've now been at for over a year, i don't need constant reminders. 
i have a fairly decent memory. M, however, does not. i think she actually doesn't recall telling me some of the things she's told me 3,742 times in the past.

"you can make him eggs for lunch, just don't salt them." oh, ok. because i forgot that you've said 'don't salt his food' since he started eating.. TEN MONTHS AGO!
"don't forget to wash his hands--WITH SOAP--after you've been at the park."
"when you're out 'n about, don't let strangers touch him."
"make sure you keep the basement door closed. we don't want him falling down the stairs." oh, really? because i do want him to fall down the stairs?

the list goes on and on...