Tuesday, January 13, 2009

good oral hygiene.

this morning C was brushing his teeth and holding the babe at the same time. little c loves to be involved in the teeth brushing process. they use a sonicare.. 'nuf said. 

C seemed to be a bit on edge this morning (i think it was from the lack of sleep since the little man decided he'd wake up at midnight and be ready to party... all the way until 9 am--wowza!) and he seemed to be annoyed by the little guy grabbing at the toothbrush, yet wouldn't put him down. i asked the babe if he wanted to brush his teeth, as i was getting out his toothbrush to hand to him. C was elated, it distracted the little guy long enough so he could finish his oral care.

C finished up his business and then put little c down to return to his wandering. obviously little c isn't going to just stand in one place and gnaw on his toothbrush--much more fun to do while roaming your territory! C suddenly yells at me, "HEY!!! YOU CAN'T LET HIM WALK AROUND WITH THE TOOTHBRUSH IN HIS MOUTH!!!! HE COULD FALL AND CHOKE!!!" whoa, brah! simmer down! 

i turned to look at him and said, "um.. remember how you're the one who just put him down instead of finishing up the job..?"

he picked up the babe, finished brushing his teeth, and acted as tho nothing had happened. aye! some people!