Sunday, January 11, 2009


one day the little man and i were out on a walk. they have one of those fancy pants jogger strollers and he was cruising along in there. he ended up falling asleep and just looked so cute. i snapped a photo with my phone and sent it to M. 

a few minutes later, my phone rang. it was M. this is out our convo went..

M: hey, hi. i have a really random question for you..
me: hi. ok, go.
M: when you are on a walk, do you wear the leash around your wrist, the one that connects to the stroller?
me: ah.. no. not really that often. or ever. it just gets in the way.
M: really? you don't?
me: no, i don't. we go on leisurely walks. i don't think he's going to roll away from me..
M: well, whenever we walk with him in there, we're sure to wear the leash. it's there for safety reasons. 
me: alright, well, good to know.. i wasn't going to say 'well, in that case i guess i'll wear it all the time.'

we hung up and i started laughing. out loud. walking down the sidewalk. 

C got home before M that night. this is what he said to me. "so, M told me about the leash conversation earlier. while we do use the leash every time we use the stroller, i know it's not necessary. please don't feel obligated to do so." hey, thanks for your permission. i wasn't going to, anyway.. oops :)

on a side note.. i need to cut my finger nails. they're getting to be a little long. hopefully M doesn't notice and think i'm doing it just for her peace of mind. ha!