Wednesday, December 17, 2008

babies aren't made to ride in cars.

when i started my job, a year ago, C and M said they didn't want me to drive with little C. i thought it was a little bizarre; i've got plenty of experience haulin' kids around and a perfect driving record.

over the summer i asked on two different occasions if the timing was right, was i allowed to drive with the little man now. of course, i got told no. that there wasn't really any necessary reason for it. we could take the dirty city transportation or stick to places that are within walking distance. we've taken public transit plenty of times but seriously, it's not really super convenient with a baby and all the gear that comes along with it. there are places that aren't easily accessible that are great for kids and i'd love to take him to but no, not an option.

so a couple of weeks ago, M said to me--totally out of the blue--that she wanted to speak to C about me being able to drive on the job. GASP! sa-weet! clearly she talked to him about it that very night and in the morning, he said to me. "so, i'm not really open to you driving with little C. i don't think you 'need' to go to those places that aren't easily accessible. he's still too young to really grasp that stuff anyways. plus, it's all over priced." insert major letdown face here. he went on to say, "i'm just not a fan of babies riding in cars in general. i don't think it's necessary. i think it's way too dangerous for such a young, precious life." seriously?! PEOPLE RIDE IN CARS EVERYDAY!!!! yes, i know tragic accidents do occur. but come on! let your child experience some stuff! 

here are a few things we miss out on..
-play groups with other kids and nannies.
-fun, kid oriented places that are out of our "safety zone".
-lots of other fun stuff.

M had to be at the airport one morning that C had a business meeting. i offered to drive her, with the babe, so that C wouldn't have to cancel/reschedule his meeting. he looked at me like i was asking him to donate his last kidney to me. seriously. it was a look of shock and disgust. he, rudely, said, "no, that's fine. i'd rather just reschedule than have you drive with little C." ARE YOU KIDDING! maybe he could've just said, "oh, no thanks. but thanks for offering." but no, apparently the option of being rude was much more appropriate. 

so, we are stuck with limited options on outings. and super time consuming trips when we decide to take public transit. it takes us 50 minutes to get to the zoo. a trip that, when driving from their house, should take about 15 minutes. of course, when we DO use public transit, i'm reminded about 37 times to: sanitize my hands, not let any strangers touch little C, if there are bums on the tram/bus, steer as far away from them as possible, and never let the little man touch anything on the tram. really? i thought it'd be fun to pass the baby around for all the transients to hold and cough on. i guess i'll save that for another trip.