Friday, December 19, 2008

'tis the season for sickness.

last week i got to work and hadn't even made it in the door yet before C started reaming me about them being sick. literally, the door wasn't even closed behind me.

he went off on me that their jobs are suffering and they're not sleeping so they're not getting better. he said that M feels like she's going to get fired because her performance is lacking. i'm just standing there looking at him with a look that says 'am i on candid camera? is this a joke?' he continued on to say that i'm not allowed to take little C anywhere that sick people are. no library, no children's museum, no play groups. nothing. alright.. so this is going to be a fun winter! 

thursday rolled around, a day that we normally go to story time at the library. basically, it's a saving grace for adults who spend all day with kids because you get to interact with other adults. if only for half an hour! i asked if we were seriously banned from there. praying he was calmed down enough and would say we could go. 

he huffed around for a few minutes and then finally said to me, "you can take him. but i need you to seriously understand that i want his hands purelled every five minutes. we can't keep getting sick like this. i'm not kidding either. use the whole bottle of purell if you need to." i laughed. out loud. to him. i said, "C, just wait until he is in school. he's going to be sick all the time. a little cold isn't the end of the world, tho." seriously. there are millions of people in this world who are WAY more sick than just a common cold. we'll survive. sure, we feel like shit when it hits but it'll pass.

we went to the library. i forgot the purell. oops. bad nanny. i washed his hands with soap. does that count for something? 


Bri said...

seriously? I can't really believe these stories are real. I just read K all of them and we cracked up :) You're a saint!

nanny diaries said...

oh, they are real alright!
i'm glad they entertain you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - I worked with a family just like this one for a while. Building immunity is about being's harder on parents than it is on children, and that's really what C is saying. Punish the child because it is too inconvenient for the parents for him to be sick.

You might suggest that C and M wash their own hands a little more frequently...

Good luck, lady.