Friday, December 19, 2008

kissing is gross.

as i mentioned in another post, i'm told on a daily basis that we do NOT kiss little C on the mouth. C and M don't even do that. to their own kid. awkward..? 

the little man is really into cat toys at the current time. understandable, they've got all kinds of strings and bells and whistles. plus, he loves watching the cats react to them. it's pretty cute, i'll admit, and i'm not even into cats.

there is one cat toy in particular that he really enjoys. it's a long plastic wand-like thing that has a string attached to the end. attached to the string is some cuckoo feather contraption that the cats go crazy for. little C really enjoys putting the string in his mouth and pulling it back and forth. maybe it feels funny on his little tongue? not sure. so he'd been doing that rather a lot one day and i was finally like, "dude, we gotta stop. you've got red marks on the corners of your mouth." he was pissed, naturally, but he got over it.

the next morning i got to work and M is looking rather frantic/depressed/freaking out. i asked what was wrong and she picked up the babe and said, "look at his mouth. i think he's got a cold sore. a herpe! is that what it looks like to you?" i tried to look but seriously, what kid likes to be poked and prodded at? he wouldn't let me look closely but from what i could see, it didn't appear to be a cold sore to me. i've had plenty in my day. 

i asked if either of them had had one recently, that he could've contracted it from. M said she's never had one and C said he hasn't had one in years. they then looked to me and asked if i had one. i said no, that i hadn't had one in months. trust me, when i get one, you can probably see it from space it gets so big. true story. and obviously i'm aware of how contagious they are and wouldn't even think to get near his mouth when i had one. duh. i mentioned that to C and he told me that "the book" said they can be transfered even when not having an outbreak. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! this is not the genital herpes strain! they are different! and i said exactly that to him.

the whole morning while they were getting ready to leave, M just had that same look of devastation on her face. as though the world were ending if her son had a cold sore on his damn lip. 

she called me about two hours after she'd been gone to ask how the little guy was doing. was he running a fever? did he seem dazed? was he his normal self? i said, "M, he is fine. there is nothing wrong with him." she then said, "you know, he was playing with that cat toy last night and pulling the rope through his mouth. do you think it could just be raw from that?" meanwhile, i had totally spaced that whole scenario from the day before. oops!

a light went off in my head and i said, "omg. that's totally it! he was playing with that thing most of the day yesterday!" 

she laughed it off, like it was hilarious that she'd all but outright accused me of giving her son a cold sore and was thankful it was just a minor skin irritation. she reminded me to: wash my hands plenty today and keep the vaseline piled on it so it won't get dry and cracked. 

i love my job. i love my job. i love my job.


Bri said...

newsflash is that Y has had mouth kisses her whole life and she never got even a little sick until she was 8 months old :) how come she's okay that he sucks on cat toys?!! fyi this blog brings me happiness ;P hahaha