Tuesday, January 6, 2009

attack of the cat.

as previously mentioned, little C loves to love/terrorize the cats. what child doesn't want to attack a big fluffy wandering ball of fur, right?

one of the cats loves to sit on the arm of the sofa, the perfect eyesight/reach for the little man to attack. the cat wears a collar that has a bell on it; the perfect baby toy. little C loves to grab onto said collar and make the bell jingle. 

one afternoon, i was across the room and the little man approached the cat. he's not quite to the age where he understands when you warn him not to do something so i was walking over to him and i was literally about 4 steps away when the cat clawed the top of his (very bald) head. and hissed, loudly. he didn't pull/scratch. just 5 perfect puncture wounds where his claws hit. little C looked at me while gasping for breath and then screamed. naturally. 

he calmed down as soon as i got him. it didn't really bleed, just a tiny speck popped thru. i rinsed off the battle scars and applied some neosporin (the kind WITHOUT pain reliever because they've got both and i've been told, numerously over the past year [imagine that], that that kind is not intended for kids). he was fine and on his way. and, of course, walked right back to the cat with a huge grin on his face.

when M got home from work that evening she about shit her pants when she saw the 5 seriously tiny scabs atop the little man's head. i told her the story, and she reacted as tho i had drug the child across the pavement. why am i not surprised? when C got home a few minutes later, M quickly said to him, "look at his head..... apparently the cat scratched him." i looked at her and said, "the cat DID scratch him. you can tell those 5 dots are from the cat's claws."

the next morning when i got to work, C gave me a lecture about how if i'm not going to be in the same room as little C, then i need to lock the cats in the basement because they don't want him to get scratched again. or worse yet, to get his eyes clawed out. his words, not mine. those are some vicious cats, man! wow..

he has since been scratched twice more. one on my time, one on theirs. guess i'm not the only one who doesn't "pay attention" every second.. ;)